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Focus areas:

- Dyeing and printing
- Textile processing
- Fashion & Costumes
- Handicrafts
- Textile testing
- Value addition in textiles etc.
- Textile and Environment
- Quality control in Textiles and Apparel


Textile products play a vital role in meeting man’s basic needs. We often only consider textiles to be the clothes we wear. Obviously, the clothing industry is where the majority of textiles are produced and used. However, textiles are also important in all aspects of our lives from birth to death.

The Postgraduate Department of Textile Science and Apparel Design educate students for a career in the field of Textile and Apparel Design. Department offers Ph. D and M. Sc. degree programmes. In the context of the modern world of varied fashions and fabrics, this knowledge and skill is more relevant and very much in demand. The aim of the department is to provide Ph. D. & Master of Science degrees that seek to promote academic excellence to the students with a thorough background in fundamental concepts of scientific, technological and managerial problems in the field of Textiles & Apparel Industry and develop skills and strengths of the students based on scientific principles.

The Department plays a vital role in Textile Product Development and Apparel Designing. It offers challenging curriculum that gives students a firm scientific basis with a focus on Textile Science and Apparel Designing. This specialization has strong multiple thrust based on physical science, social science and apparel production. The physical science orientation is tailored for the students interested in technical laboratory, research in fibre and fabric development. The social science orientation is designed for students with an interest in human behavior and consumer use of fabric and apparel goods. The production management prepares students for job directly involved with textiles and apparel production. It also deals with historical and cultural aspects of textiles and clothing.

Course in the programme offer a unique combination of Textiles and Apparel Design. The faculty members participate in conferences, seminars and workshops at national and international levels and are actively involved in various research projects. The job requirement and career development of the students in the textile industry demand in depth technical knowledge in the area of fibre, yarn and fabric characteristics, testing and chemical processing techniques, weaving and knitting Technology, draping and dress design, garment construction etc. The students are imparted both theoretical and practical knowledge in the above subjects. The Department offers adequate knowledge about these at postgraduate level.

The students have to take shop floor training (internships) in various textile industries like export houses, designers, textile mills, testing laboratories for 280 hours during the Post graduate degree programme. The alumni are well placed in various well known garment industries, design departments, quality control laboratories and in teaching and research. Department is sensitive to the growing need of higher education for highly qualified professionals.

There are four well established labs in the department as follows:

1. Textile Testing Laboratory
    All equipment’s related to testing of fiber, yarn, fabrics
    are available in the laboratory.

2. Advance Clothing Construction Lab
    Dress forms, latest fast speed electronic sewing
    machines and other machines and furniture related to
    clothing construction are available in the laboratory.

3. Weaving Laboratory
    Various types of handlooms, knitting machine and loom
    accessories are available in the laboratory

4. Chemistry Lab
    A good Chemistry lab for conducting various chemical
    tests is functional in the department.

5. Other facilities
    Department is equipped with computer, internet (Wi Fi),
    LCD presentation facility etc.

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Our Goals

- To develop students with latest knowledge of textiles,   apparel design, fashion and related disciplines and to do
  research in the field of Textile Science and Apparel

- To provide the students with a more formal understanding
  of the textile industry for future career opportunities within
  that field.

- To develop a bridge between scientific knowledge and
  traditional knowledge of artisans, craftsmen,   manufacturers etc. to upgrade their skill level and
  Socioeconomic Condition.

Our Missio

Department’s mission is the development of new knowledge through research and the subsequent transfer of this knowledge to both the textile field and to society, further to promote analytical abilities of students towards innovative research, to augment the quality of life of family, community and industry in the changing scenario.

Our Motto

Cloth for every men as per need
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Department of Textile Science and Apparel Design

SNDT Women’s University,
Juhu Campus, Santacruze (w),
Mumbai- 400049
Head of Department
Dr. Anshu Sharma

• Ph.D. in Textile Science and Apparel Design
• M. Phil. in Textile Science and Apparel Design
• M. Sc. in Textile Science and Apparel Design

Teaching Faculty

• Dr. Anshu Sharma (I/C Head and Associate Professor)
• Ms. Nikhila Rane (Assistant Professor)